Ernitec 600MP Viewing Tower XEON E3

Win8.1 Pro 64bit, 8GB RAM 2Mon


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The Build-ERC-Client is a powerful video surveillance client that is optimized to work with CCTV Viewing Software for long-term viewing of IP/Megapixel cameras.

Optimized For Surveillance

The  Build-ERC-CLIENT is engineered to optimize the way processor, memory, graphics, OS and software technology work together to deliver excellent video rendering of live H264 IP video streams

Tuned and Tested

All systems have been hardware tested over 24 together with more than 60 unique systems settings before leaving the assembling line to make sure that the server will run 24 hours per day, year after year.

Hardware Monitoring

Special hardware management software and the ESR INFO notification server give you early warnings if a problem is detected so you can keep your server health.

Alternative Usage:

When you purchase a Pegasus or Build Server, it is pre-installed with an Ernitec Windows image, which is optimised for CCTV systems such as Ernitec EasyView and Milestone Video Management Software. If you wish to use our servers for different software other than CCTV, then we suggest that you purchase our servers with a full Windows installation. You can make this selection though our BUILD Server program using the following part numbers:




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