Clint FREYA Wi-Fi, Misty Green

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Wireless Wi-Fi speaker, Airplay, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Multiroom support, battery operated

FREYA is a compact, yet powerful, wireless Hi-Fi speaker
for music streaming. FREYA has built-in battery so you can
move it around your house, or even use it outside on your terrace/porch.
As a part of our award winning Asgard Series, FREYA connects to
your home Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) network for ultimate operating range
throughout the house.
FREYA supports, and are certified for, multiple streaming protocols like
Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect and DLNA.
Using our Asgard App (iOS or Android) you can get access to features like
MultiRoom functionality, TIDAL music service, thousands of
internet radio stations and music servers on your home network.
FREYA is ideal for smaller to mid-size rooms and for those who primarily
play music from:

-Spotify premium subscribers using Spotify Connect.(iOS and Android)
-World wide Radio stations through our large radio station library. (iOS and Android)
-TIDAL music service subscribers. (iOS and Android)
-iOS devices using Apples Airplay streaming protocol.
-Own music library from UPnP/DLNA servers.


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