CSR Report


Pode fazer o download do PDF do nosso Relatório CSR , onde está uma visão geral e transparente dos nossos progessos executados nas áreas principais CSR .

In our 30 years of commerce, we have always operated under the principles of fairness, integrity and novelty. We work hard every day to ensure the satisfaction of customers and to gain their trust by offering high quality products and services, by ensuring transparency through a collaborative business philosophy, by honest and voluntary information disclosures, and by continuously improving our ambitions of:

 Corporate Strategy
 Operational Management
 Product Strategy
 Corporate Governance

We strive to meet the basic requirements of achieving profits for our shareholders but also to strengthen our relationship with stakeholders, customers and employees. As part of its efforts, EET Group has special emphasis on advancing positive beliefs of good business ethics, corporate sustainability, environmental sustainability and a mutually beneficial relationship between our stakeholders and us.

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